We are now open for bookings with strict Covid 19 protocols in place to keep you safe.  Final payments are now due 8 weeks before your stay as usual, but bookings are still fully refundable or rebookable (depending on the circumstances) if your stay is cancelled due to Covid 19.

Our Covid 19 protocols include an enhanced cleaning regime between guests with disinfection of all high touch surfaces, cutlery and crockery, and provision of cleaning products, soap and washing up liquid for you to maintain proper hygiene during your stay.  Communal items (books, games and DVDs) are contained in a cupboard out of reach of children for guests to use at their discretion.  Lounge cushions are rotated and safely stored between guests, bedroom cushions have (sadly) been removed for the time being. 

Any food items left for you (eg tea and coffee) will be pre-packaged, and you are asked to take all your leftover food items home or dispose of them at the end of your stay.   You will also be asked to put all rubbish and recycling in the outside bin, bed linen to be left in place on the beds and towels in the bathrooms at the end of your stay, and to leave the windows open to allow good ventilation of the cottage before our cleaner arrives.

We expect all our guests to act within the current social distancing and hygiene rules before and during your stay. Importantly, you must not come to the cottage if you have been or suspect you have been exposed to the virus, or develop symptoms, and must therefore self isolate at home.  If you are unable to come due to the need to self isolate at home, we will offer to re-book your stay or give a full refund.

Equally, if you have been exposed or develop symptoms during your stay, you must tell us immediately, self isolate at the cottage and seek a test.   If the test is negative, you can continue with your holiday.  If it is positive, government advice is that you must leave for home immediately if able, avoiding public transport or unnecessary stops on your way home.  You may wish to leave the cottage for home immediately after your test to await your result, especially if you are nearing the end of your stay. 

If you need to leave halfway through your stay for this reason, we will offer the unused portion of your stay (after the cleaner's fee has been deducted) towards a further holiday with us.  If you are unable to leave (for example if you are too unwell) and must self isolate at the cottage, you must bear the cost of any additional stay (according to government advice).  In this case we will assist you as much as we reasonably can to seek medical advice, obtain supplies and make you as comfortable as possible.   

We will offer a full refund or re-booking (whichever you prefer) if we must again close due to Covid 19 at the time of your booking.

Our full terms and conditions, including our Covid-19 policy, for new bookings can be found here

Then above is based on government advice and forms the basis of our policies.  You may wish to take out travel insurance to protect you from any losses associated with you needing to cancel your holiday.

If you have any worries or concerns about your booking or the Covid 19 policies in place please get in touch.